Saving templates including seq and pat without "markers"

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Saving templates including seq and pat without "markers"

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When I save templates in buzz I want to save the sequencer (tracks) and patterns,
but I don't want to save the "song position" (aka "markers).
The reason for this is because later when I work on a song, I don't want my current
playing part of the sequencer to be disrupted.
In older buzz versions I've used this was not an issue, meaning for example that if
I got ticks 1024-2048 looped in buzz and drop a template to machines view, that area
will still be looped. Now when I do the same things with templates saved after I updated
to latest version (some months ago), the sequencer looped part will change to whatever
I had looped at the time of creating the template.
This is an issue because usually templates are created in a looped setting from around ticks 0-512,
and when you are working on the other part of the song, this messes up the flow totally that
your sequencer setting is ruined.

I understand there's an option of just saving pattern data, but then the template is ruined
because you need to take time to add tracks in the sequencer for every template.
The fastest solution I've found so far is to open the template XML file and simply remove the annoying line
<Markers LoopStart="[tick#]" LoopEnd="[tick#]" SongEnd="[tick#]" />

But there must be a faster way, mustn't it?
How do you guys solve this?

Note: all of my old templates created in old buzz versions don't even have this markers line in them,
and they were always saved with patterns+sequence - so they load as intended... but every new template
I make is ruined by this line until I manually edit it.
Have I touched a setting somewhere that spooked my buzz?

Any suggestions welcome! :shock:

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