Dear mr. Jeskola. About the future of Buzz...

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Dear mr. Jeskola. About the future of Buzz...

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Dear mr. Jeskola.
I know that you through the years have been reluctant to share your plans, thoughts and timelines for Buzz. I’d still like to take this moment to ask you if you envision developing Buzz any further or if this is the endstation?
I’ve also realized that you’re no big fan of open sourcecode which I understand and respect. After all Buzz is your baby and you’ve invested a lot of time in it. Still I’d like to ask you if you’d ever considered setting up a Buzzfoundation or something similar that you could preside over and in that way stay in control of the code but at the same time release it for trusted power coders like Polac, WDE, IXix etc. In that way Buzz could keep on being developed (if they at all would be interested in such a thing but since they still develop things around Buzz rhey obviously still love your DAW) and you still wouldn’t have to do everything yourself.
I know there is a potential issue regarding who’s owning what code when it gets mixed up but that could hopefully be solved.

I’d be grateful if you would leave some kind of remark confirming that you’ve read this post even if you’re not up to replying right away.

Best regards
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